Webinar: Screening and Hiring in the Age of the Gig Economy, Social Media, and Identity Fraud

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Workplace culture is rapidly evolving. From the continued expansion of the gig economy, to changing marijuana and drug laws, to the ever-growing roles of social media, biometrics and identity fraud, there are many dynamic factors making their mark on the employment landscape. When it comes to hiring and screening, how are these trends impacting organizations? What are the best practices to implement? What kind of a role does continuous monitoring play? And how do you ultimately leverage background checks to build a better workplace?

Join industry leaders David Bloom, General Manager, Gig Economy, and Justin Jed, Head of Product, Platforms and UX, from Sterling—a leading provider of background and identity services—for a presentation and discussion on screening trends, data, insights and best practices. David and Justin will cover the major takeaways from Sterling and HR.com’s new study, “Hiring in the Era of Gig Jobs and Identity Fraud"