Is Ban the Box Out of Control?

Download Our Guide to Learn How to Navigate this Confusing Legislation

States, counties, and municipalities are passing confusing and inconsistent Ban the Box legislation at an alarming rate—legislation that goes far beyond simply removing the question that asks about a candidate’s history on a job application.  

This hodgepodge of laws creates a dizzying compliance challenge for employers, and the consequences of violating these laws can be costly, both financially and to your brand reputation. Our new guide, “Ban the Box Is Out of Control! What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business,” gives you a clear understanding of what’s at stake and the actions you should consider taking to protect your organization.

Download the Guide to Learn:

  • The problems these laws create, including decreasing your hiring efficiency while increasing your hiring costs.
  • The compliance challenges these laws can create for you.
  • How to protect your business from the dangers of not complying with Ban the Box laws.