Introducing Credentialing Automation for Healthcare Staffing

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A Faster Way to Clear Your Candidates

Through our partnership with Bullhorn, we are the first in the industry to release a new credentialing automation solution. With Bullhorn's built-in automation and Sterling's credential level results functionality, healthcare staffing organizations are now able to reuse previously ordered credentials and only order the remaining credentials required for each candidate's assignment.

Benefits of Credentialing Automation

  • Improve Speed: Significantly reduce the time it takes to clear a candidate for start
  • Reduce Cost: Lower your budget associated with credentialing and clear a candidate for start
  • Enhance the Candidate Experience: Delight your candidates with an enhanced candidate experience
  • Become More Scalable: Make your organization more scalable and service more clients with fewer resources

Listen to Sterling and Bullhorn as they discuss how credentialing automation works.

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Watch the Recording

To learn more about credentialing automation, download our solution sheet