Hiring Reimagined: Exploring the State of Hiring and Background Screening in the Retail Industry

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A Hiring Reimagined Special Report: Retail 

Over the last few years, the retail industry has seen significant change, marked by fluctuating consumer demands and technological innovation — all of which affect hiring trends. As retail organizations strive to adapt to these changes, the role of background screening has become increasingly crucial in maintaining safe environments for employees and customers while decreasing turnaround times in the hiring process.

Exploring the perspectives of retail HR professionals, this report delves into the current trends shaping background screening, exploring how industry players are leveraging innovative approaches to address hiring challenges and invest in the future of screening. 


Our report will include:

  • Benchmarks revealing how major retail organizations are leveraging specialized background check products and services to streamline the hiring process.
  • The top priorities for retail HR leaders in organizations of all sizes.
  • How retail HR teams are rethinking and streamlining their hiring process.