In a recent and Sterling research survey, more than HALF of respondents experienced identity fraud in some way – put up the right guardrails to protect your organization. Join us as we discuss the latest research on industry trends and key identity verification tools to screen candidates more efficiently.

Participants will learn about:

  • Gaps in current background screens in the US
  • How identity verification is critical in screening
  • Tools commonly mistaken to verify candidate identity
  • The future of hiring
Please note that Sterling will secure and communicate your HRCI continuing education credit.

About Sterling Leadership Series: Sterling, a leading provider of Background and Identity Services, is hosting a Leadership Series that extends the value of connections and a “community” among those with common HR interests. Our Leadership Series, one-hour sessions over the coming months, deliver new ways of thinking and alternate approaches you can translate to challenges you face every day


Featured Presenters

Taylor Liggett
General Manager of
Sterling Identity
David Bloom
Head of Global Product
Strategy, Sterling

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