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According to a 2023 survey, candidates often exaggerate
their qualifications:

  • 0 %
    increase the number
    of people they managed
  • 0 %
    overstate their
    work responsibilities
  • 0 %
    inflate their job title
Source: ResumeLab 2023

Our Collaborative Approach

Find scalable program options delivering the right levels of service for your business needs.

Our regional industry experts can help you achieve the correct balance of outreach to the verifying source, collection of document proof where desired, and timeliness to completion.

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The Sterling Advantage

Receive faster, more thorough results through the streamlined, tech-enabled interactions of our verifications specialists.
Tailored Solutions

Achieve the right verification strategy to successfully drive your business goals and objectives using our optimized verification workflows.

Global Reach

Create a global screening program that provides consistency across your business regions using our verifications to scale internationally.

Verification Checks that Match Your Needs

Employment verifications confirm a candidate’s employment history with HR, payroll, or third-party providers, including periods of standard employment as well as staffing agency assignments, military history, and periods of self-employment or contracting. Data confirmed includes most recent job title, start/end dates, and reason for leaving. We conduct education verifications globally. Multiple available workflows offer the ability to tailor your verifications to your needs.

Education verifications verify a candidate’s education history and records with school registrars or third-party providers at the university/collegiate, high school, GED, or homeschooling levels. Data confirmed includes the candidate’s dates of attendance and degree level. University verifications will also include field of study. Education verifications are available globally. Multiple available workflows offer the ability to tailor your verifications to your needs.

Sterling’s reference verifications include interviews with professional references regarding the candidate’s performance and reliability. This service verifies competencies and job-relevant personal qualities. Multiple available workflows offer the ability to tailor your verifications to your needs. A standard predefined reference script is used. Custom scripts are available.

Credential checks are used to identify any discrepancies between the candidate’s claims regarding their licenses and certifications and the records held by the specified licensing/certification board. A credential check confirms issuing agency, license status, date awarded, expiration date, license type, and disciplinary actions.

Timeline verification provides a chronological overview of a candidate's work, education, and other activities over a specified length of time. Gaps are automatically identified according to client requirements and submitted for verification in line with client preferences. Our automation of this service helps reduce turnaround time and provide greater consistency.

Our Department of Transportation (DOT) Employment Verifications confirm an applicant’s employment with a former employer who is DOT regulated. This service is designed to fulfill DOT requirements around employment verification, including drug and alcohol history as well as accident history. DOT employment verifications confirm job title, start/end dates of employment, reason for leaving, prior accidents and injuries, and other DOT mandated information. Our reports include fulfillment details to help support DOT requirements.

Streamline Your Candidate Experience

Sterling's candidate information collection is strategically developed to gather required data up front and reduce candidate outreach. If additional information is needed, Sterling provides a secure, seamless avenue for candidates to provide details with ease from any device. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Your candidate signs in anywhere, on any device.

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They supply the
requested information.
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With the added details,
our team gets to work!

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