The Future of Identity Verification in Contingent Work: Flipping the Paradigm

The Future of Identity Verification

Staffing Executive Report

Remote work may be the silver lining of the pandemic, however this new, larger workforce makes identity fraud easier to perpetrate and represents a threat to the industry. While background checks are ubiquitous, they provide a false sense of security since in the U.S. most don’t verify that the person and the personal data match.

In this extensive research, SIA reveals these shortcomings and informs the industry about this unseen but real risk. The new breed of tools shows promise to do just that while minimizing friction. Tools now available can improve the candidate experience and serve as a catalyst to accelerate industry growth in the years ahead.

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  • Identity fraud concerns
  • Current barriers and misconceptions
  • Changing minds and addressing what barriers remain
  • Discovering technology that has the potential to solve traditional identity verification shortcomings

The Future of Identity Verification