The traditional onboarding process is clunky and painful, often involving multiple people from different departments managing tons of paperwork that need to be sent to different systems. HR teams need an efficient and streamlined onboarding process to retain top talent and strengthen the employee experience, but how?

Ryan Garman, Sterling's Director of Healthcare, will share how rethinking the onboarding experience with automation can help HR teams streamline manual, time-consuming processes and reduce time-to-hire in order to get their candidates started faster.

Learning outcomes:  

  • The challenges with traditional onboarding workflows and where there are opportunities for healthcare organizations to modernize this process
  • How to leverage information from background checks to help automate other parts of the onboarding process and improve turnaround times
  • How health systems are automating their entire onboarding process with technology-enabled screening solutions

Featured Presenter

Ryan Garman
Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences

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