As we enter 2021 and closer to the phased reopening of the economy, businesses are demanding even more flexibility and agility from staffing firms.

Companies must quickly and safely rebuild their recruiting capabilities as they are looking into hiring contingent workers to fill their workforce requirements to kickstart growth in this changing environment. To drive this agility, staffing providers need to have an equally agile and flexible screening program to meet the needs of both talent and clients.

Join staffing leaders from Staff Management|SMX, SIA, the Manpower Group and Sterling to discuss insights on trends, technology tools, and key recruiting strategies for a blended workforce.  We will also explore ways to get the most out of your screening provider to help improve your bottom line and optimize your recruiting processes in 2021.

Featured Presenters

Jennifer Prath
Vice President, Centralized Services
Staff Management | SMX
Barry Asin
Jim McCoy
Senior Vice President, Talent Solutions
Manpower Group
Vincenza Caruso-Valente
General Manager, Staffing, Retail, and Franchise
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