Data across thousands of healthcare organizations shows that on any given day, 7-10% of licensed providers should not be practicing. What are you doing to help your licensed providers in these crazy times, while also mitigating risk for your organization?

Whether providers’ licenses have been revoked, suspended, impaired, or expired, or they are facing sanctions, exclusions, or disciplinary action… your organization is immediately exposed. And unfortunately organizations shoulder that risk—both legal and financial—over an extended period of time, since many check only at license expiration, or periodically, leaving weeks or months to slip by in between. Or they may check more frequently, but look only at a narrow set of data. Why? For good reason. In the past, options were limited, monitoring was an extremely painful process, and organizations weighed crushing administrative costs and burden against the risk.

There is all sorts of good news, however, for HR, credentialing, medical staff, and compliance teams who have struggled with these challenges. Data and technology have come a long way, and new solutions are making continuous, daily monitoring of all license types across the United States much easier and more affordable. Watch On-Demand to see Amy Andersen, Vice President of Operations at Verisys, and Ryan Garman, Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences at Sterling, discuss this evolution. They cover:

  • How the industry has historically tackled license monitoring
  • Anecdotes and data highlighting the risk with old processes
  • Advancements in data and technology that have paved the way for new monitoring solutions
  • Unexpected benefits beyond risk mitigation for your organization and your providers

Featured Presenters

Amy Andersen
Vice President of Operations
Ryan Garman
Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences

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