If a criminal conviction occurs outside a candidate's state of residency, will your background check detect this?

Although National Criminal Databases are extensive, they aren’t comprehensive and can actually have poor coverage in some of the most populous states and cities. Healthcare employers especially need a complete profile of their candidates to not only make informed hiring decisions, but to protect both their staff and their patients.

Join our speakers for this fun and interactive session on criminal background checks. Members from Children's National Hospital and BD will also join as they participate in a friendly competition to see who can "pass" a background check.

You'll also learn:

  • How to find the right balance between risk mitigation and budget to speed up your turnaround times
  • The benefits of using background checks in an effort to enhance inclusivity vs. being a deal-breaker
  • Recent technological advancements in the background screening industry that can improve your background check needs, especially in the healthcare space

Want to participate? We'll be polling our audience during this session so attendees can also be part of the fun.

Featured Presenters

Jennifer Tomassi
Head of Client Success
Healthcare and Life Sciences
Ryan Garman
Healthcare and Life Sciences
Brittany Bills
Professional Services Partner
Healthcare and Life Sciences

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