US hiring is the most optimistic on record as 2022 roars in and clients demand even more from their staffing firms. Engaging diverse talent and recruiting quality candidates is at the very core of a successful staffing firm. How do you find, engage and onboard candidates faster in this hyper-competitive environment?

  • Tips to maximize talent quality and create instant ROI
  • How to leverage workforce data to see how location, skills and other factors impact market rates
  • Gain visibility to data that supports sourcing locations, pay equity, accountability and DEI
  • Using data to make faster, safer hires across the country and worldwide

Staffing leaders from SIA, Sterling and PRO Unlimited discussed trends, tools and key strategies for a blended workforce. See how you can optimize and innovate to drive talent to your staffing firm and get the most out of your screening provider for faster, safer hires in 2022.

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