The uncertain future of the legalization status of cannabis in the US has left many cannabis companies with unanswered questions. The federal government has left the decision to legalize marijuana up to individual state governments, creating confusion for businesses operating in multiple states and trying to adapt in the continuously changing landscape. Questions like, "how this will effect onboarding processes?" and "what new background checks will be required to maintain trust and safety?" are starting to be asked as businesses are ramping up to prepare for additional states to pass legislation of adult use of marijuana.

Our panel of professionals have years of experience in the cannabis industry across the US and will be providing their insight on the new regulatory laws being drafted, as well as helpful tips for cannabis and other companies to prepare for the future of hiring and onboarding safely and without friction.

Our panelists include Andrew Schriever, Partner at Cuddy+Fedder, Director/co-founder of the New York City Cannabis Industry Association and President/Co-Founder of the Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association and Kara Bradford, CEO and Chief Talent Officer of Viridian Staffing along with additional special guests who we will be announcing soon. You'll walk away with a tangible understanding of:
  • The current legal landscape of the cannabis industry
  • What's coming next? How to prepare for state laws surrounding cannabis
  • How cannabis companies are navigating the changing state laws and regulations to avoid potential risks
  • Where the future of the cannabis industry is heading

Featured Presenters

David Bloom
General Manager of Gig, Volunteer, and Consumers
Andrew Schriever
Partner, Cuddy & Feder, LLP
President/Co-Founder, Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association
Director/Co-Founder, New York City Cannabis Industry Association
Kara Bradford, MBA, MM
CEO and Chief of Talent Officer,
Viridian Staffing
Chair of Human Resource Committee,
National Cannabis Industry Association

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