As part of Sterling’s Leadership Series, Victoria Pelletier will share her compelling story of overcoming tremendous odds, along with valuable guidance on the future of work and responsible leadership. Her #Unstoppable approach features clear applicability to your personal and professional lives.

Participants will learn about:

  • The future of work is upon us, with a focus on why work gets done and by whom, rather than on location;
  • The paradox between employees and consumers’ desire to prioritize themselves vs. the competing desire to effect change for others;
  • The Crisis of Relevance, where many companies haven't shifted to seeing consumers (or employees) as multi-dimensional;
  • How to build a resilient organization and overcome mismatch in perceived importance of values by different stakeholders in the organization (i.e. executives vs. early professionals);
  • The “Purpose Gap” between organizational mission and employee emphasis on why companies operate as they do;
  • The shift from employee- or customer-centric views to life centricity.

Sterling will secure and communicate your continuing education credit.

About Sterling Leadership Series: Sterling, a leading provider of Background and Identity Services, is hosting a Leadership Series that extends the value of connections and a “community” among those with common HR interests. Our Leadership Series, one-hour sessions over the coming months, deliver new ways of thinking and alternate approaches you can translate to challenges you face every day

Featured Presenter

Victoria Pelletier
Senior Executive, Author, and
Prominent Keynote Speaker

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