Identity is Essential to Protect Your Business

A rise in identity fraud, remote/hybrid workforce trends and inaccurate candidate data all highlight the need to implement consistent and robust identity and background screening services. Sterling helps protect your company in today's modern workforce with a unique identity-first approach that allows you to easily verify your candidates are truly who they claim to be before starting a background check. 

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Sterling Digital Identity Checks Deliver

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    candidates are pre-verified in
    our global digital identity network
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    of US candidates are
    pre-verified and verify
    identity in ~30 seconds
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    more criminal records were
    uncovered after six Sterling clients added identity
Source: Sterling 2022-2024

Verifying Identity First Accelerates Hiring

No matter where your candidate is located, leveraging identity verification can help you easily achieve your hiring goals and foster a foundation of trust and safety across your organization.

The majority of candidates’ global identity results are verified in ~90 seconds or less on average.

Verifying identity first improves data collection and provides more accurate screening results.

Our seamless candidate journey reduces friction and provides an easy, convenient way to verify identity from anywhere, anytime – and pre-populates verified identity data into the background check.

A Simple, Trusted Way to Verify Identity

Sterling makes it easy for candidates to prove who they say they are before a background check. We have partnered with industry-leading digital identity providers – (US) and Yoti (Internationally) – to create an identity verification offering that easily integrates into your screening program. Verifying candidate data helps confirm the accuracy of details provided for the search, reduces delays due to misinformation, and streamlines the candidate experience. 
Step 1

Candidate signs in or creates account

Step 2

Candidate verifies their identity

Step 3

With candidate consent, shared identity elements transition to the next step in the background screening process


Flexible Identity Methods that Fit Your Business Needs

From simple identity verification options all the way to
NIST 800-63-3/IAL2 proofing standards
, Sterling offers an extensive suite of identity methods that helps verify identity quickly and easily by customizing to fit your unique business needs and requirements.

Self Service Identity Methods (Most Common)

  • Telecom and Device Verification
  • ID Document Verification
  • Biometric Facial Recognition with Liveness Detection
  • Biographic Data Verification

Alternative Methods (Less Common)

  • Live Video Chat
  • In-Person Verification
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Common Identity Misconceptions

A Social Security (SSN) Trace is an Identity Tool

A Social Security (SSN) trace can be confused as a method of identity verification, but it does not verify that an SSN belongs to the person who provided it.

Identity is Included in a Background Check

3 out of 4 HR professionals mistakenly believe (or are unsure) that identity is part of a background check*. Since US background checks rarely verify identity, many companies are adopting digital identity solutions.

* Sterling/ Employee Identity Research Report, 2022

Form I-9 is Enough to Verify Identity
An I-9 Form is typically filled out
until much later in the onboarding process. The person checking identity documentation may not check PII to background check or be trained to check an identity document for authenticity.

Learn How Global Digital Identity is a Key Component of Successful Hiring Strategies

No matter where your candidate is located, leveraging identity verification can help you easily achieve your hiring goals and foster a foundation of trust and safety across your organization.

With almost 50%* of employees worldwide operating remote or hybrid, how can employers leverage identity verification to make more confident hiring decisions that promote safer global workforces?

* Omdia Future of Work 2023

Register for our free webinar to discover why digital identity checks have grown to become an integral part of hiring and how validating identity upfront speeds up the background check process while also improving screening results.

You'll gain an understanding of:

  • How to make your hiring process more efficient and effective with upfront digital identity verification

  • Future digital identity opportunities for your organization

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