Research Report

Identity Verification: From Nice-to-Have to Need-to-Have

Research Report
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The hiring landscape shifted during the pandemic. In a post-pandemic world, a simple background check isn’t enough. Remote work is on the rise – meaning you don’t always meet employees and candidates face-to-face. Candidates are hired exponentially faster, which may mean some corners are cut. Data breaches are climbing, and sensitive data continues to be exposed. Identity fraud is at its peak. This all highlights the importance of truly knowing who you’re hiring.

In this extensive research, reveals that more than half of HR professionals respondents have experienced identity fraud in some way, and almost half mistakenly believed a background check verifies a candidate’s identity.

Download our complimentary research report and learn more about:

  • The increase of organizational and personal encounters with identity fraud
  • Gaps that exist in current U.S. background checks
  • Tools that are commonly mistaken to verify candidate identity
  • Factors that influence the user of identity checks
  • The future use of technology for identity verification

Research Report