During this webinar, Iain Murray, Vertical leader and Clyde De Couto, Account Executive, discussed the benefits of implementing a
re-screening program and the 
consequences of turning a blind eye to the possibility of post-hire criminal or high-risk situations that may arise.

Why go beyond the initial check? It's simple, things change. Watch On-Demand to understand the ins and outs of running a re-screening program and the value it can bring to your company. 


Key Topics: 

  • Re-Screening vs Continuous Monitoring 

  • Why Re-Screening is Ideal 

  • What Services to Include 

  • Considerations re: Frequency  

  • Case Study 

  • Q&A 

Featured Presenters

Iain Murray
Vertical Leader
Sterling Backcheck
Clyde De Couto
Account Executive
Sterling Backcheck


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